a woman to woman to humankind retrospective

I was raised as the third child of four siblings in a very strict Latino American (Puerto Rican) Christian home. At the age of 12, I left my family to become a runaway living in the mean streets of New York. As time past, I became older and eventually involved in several different types of relationships. I became a mother, a wife, and then a divorcee. With the experiences of my life, I've learned much about the stereotypes society places on people of color. So too, I've also experienced the unyielding attitudes of expectation society places on the traditional roles given to women. While I do honor the influences many men have had on my life, such as my father an artist himself, and Matisse, and Dali for their individual works of art; mostly, I truly admire the examples of women who have taken control of their own lives and molded them to the directions they want it to be.

Many people say that as an artist you must find your own style. To me, that is saying tell me who you are. This is a question that I can never answer. For to me, I am constantly changing every day, and every year I am evolving into someone different than before. Hopefully, I am evloving into someone more complete, someone more true to myself.

With this exhibition of my art, I am hoping to help propel the unity of all people. In art and in life, this should be our ultimate end.


Orlando, Florida


Passaic, New Jersey